rest areas

Aid stations

Aid stations are locations on the race route that offer food, beverages, shelter, rescue and medical assistance to all participants. Also, it is allowed for athletes to receive support from their friends/family at certain aid stations. All aid stations have their opening and closing schedule in relation to the time of passage of the fastest and slowest runners in all races. Because of the this, as well as because of the unpredictable and harsh mountain conditions that may occur during the race, time limits at certain aid stations are introduced.

Time limits (cut-off points) are situated at aid stations and it represents the time when the runner must leave the control point. A “broom” service will follow the last runner, in order to assist participants that withdraw from the race and to ensure assistance for anyone with injuries. Participants who do not leave these control points prior the established time limits will not be allowed to continue the race. It is forbidden to go beyond the cut-off point and then go back to use the aid station. Race officials reserve the right to disqualify athletes who disrespect the rules.

Participants who reach the check points after the maximum time, those who are injured and those who are evaluated by the medical staff to be unfit to continue the race, and any other participant who decides to drop out, shall be taken to the finish line by organization vehicle. For logistical reasons, participants who have dropped out may have to wait a couple of hours before being transferred to the finish area.

Any participant who drops out of the race at any point other than the established check points should make their own way back to the control point and immediately inform the race organizers by text message or call the Organizer mobile number indicated on the start bib number.
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