personal aid

Athletes support

People accompanying athletes can meet the runners at various points during the races. Please consult the following aid station schedule and map when planning your trip. Some zones of Galicica National Park where the routes pass have entry fees. It is forbidden to help athletes in any way outside of aid station zones, it leads to immediate disqualification of the participant!

During the Ohrid Ultra-Trail® races, personal assistants acting as a runner’s support are only allowed at aid stations. Assistants may only enter the area specifically designated for them and must comply with all instructions of aid station team leader and staff. Runners may only have one assistant, without specific equipment other than a bag with a maximum volume of 30 liters. Assistance given by a team of professionals, or any medic or paramedic, is strictly forbidden. A part from this area, the rest of the aid station is strictly reserved for runners.
Hence, no assistance is allowed, at any point along the race route. It is forbidden to accompany or be accompanied along any part of the race route by someone who is not registered for the race i.e. pacers.

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