Green trails of future

The first meeting of the GTOF project was held, which aims to attract teenagers to sports activities in nature.
Last weekend, on February 18 and 19, 2023, the initial meeting of the working group of the project - Green Trails of Future - Green Paths of the Future - whose main goal will be to attract and involve adolescents in sports in nature - mainly in mountain running - was held in Skopje. 
Analyzes at the local level in the Balkans show that the interest of teenagers in sports in nature, running at a recreational level, and especially mountain running, is insignificant, and the partners from Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia through their planned activities and already established and established sports events that organize them, in the next period of 2 years they will work to attract this group of young people to running, nature and ecology.
The working group is composed of the partners PK Tara from Bajina Bašta, Serbia who organize the trail race Tara Ultra Trail (project holders), the Mountaineering Union of Serbia Planinarski savez Srbije, HG Idrija from Idrija, Slovenia with the Hg TRAIL Idrija race, as well as the Macedonian association for mountain running TREX - Trail Running Extreme from Skopje ( which, through continuous activities in the field of mountain running and recreational sports from 2011 until now, attracts a large number of participants through the four races in their portfolio: Vodno-Matka Trail Marathon, Ohrid Ultra-Trail, Krali Marko Trails and Strumina Trail.
The project is part of the Erasmus+ Sport 2022 program and is co-financed by the European Union.
Photo: Christian Arsovski
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