Filaretos Boukis

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Need the motivation to keep trail running? Read Filaretos story and be inspired to join him at the start line in Ohrid Ultra-Trail 2023! 

OUT: Please introduce yourself to our followers.
FB: Hello, my name is Boukis Filaretos.

OUT: How long have you been running/ trail running? (why do you run)
FB: My interest in running started 6 years ago, I believe that running is one of the best sports and that's why I chose it.

OUT: What do you enjoy most about trail running?
FB: The hard terrain, or terrain changes, and those magical images that the mountains offer you are the best pleasure you enjoy every moment.

OUT: Do you have a memorable running experience/story to share with us? (or your biggest achievement)
FB: Every time I participate in a race that I manage to finish healthy, I think it's a better experience, I have participated and won several races in Greece regardless of the mileage. But I think the best distinction for me is the Olympus mythical trail 2021.

OUT: How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?
FB: I believe that with patience all problems are solved.

OUT: What are your top three "little things" that you do to prevent injury?
FB: Warming ointment before exercise, a good warm-up, and very good stretches at the end of exercise. 

OUT: If you could give a single piece of advice to less experienced trail runners what would it be?
FB: The right guidance will keep them away from injuries and in excellent physical condition.

FB: If you allow me of course I would like to say a few words about the people who support me: first I want to thank the team Tihio Race who support me in all my decisions. And he's always by my side, I also want to thank my coach Kontsantinos Giannopoulos thanks to these four years of cooperation, it makes me develop more and more every time!

Filaretos had an amazing story to share and definitely a lot of helpful advice. If you want to see and hear more from him feel free to check out his ITRA profile and Facebook page.

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