Vera Urdarevska @World Skyrunning Champs 2022

OUT 2024 #Runnersstories Vera Urdarevska - Macedonia

You need the motivation to keep trail running? Be inspired and join Vera Urdarevska at the starting line of Ohrid Ultra-Trail next edition in May 2024. 

OUT: Please introduce yourself to our followers.

Hii, I'm Vera Urdarevska (25), I live in Skopje, Macedonia. I have a deep passion for psychology. I thrive on adventure, whether it's exploring new places, trying out thrilling activities, or delving into sports. Also lover of good food.. 

OUT: How long have you been running/trail running? (why do you run)

My journey as a runner started with sprinting at a young age(13). In 2021, I participated in my first trail race (Ohrid Ultra Trail), and since then, trail running has become my passion. It has been a transformative and fulfilling experience for me.

OUT: What do you enjoy most about trail running?

Trail running allows me to spend quality time with myself, finding peace amidst the trees and trails. The sense of freedom I feel while running challenging terrains is unparalleled. Additionally, the hard work I put into each run adds a fulfilling aspect, making every trail run a rewarding and enriching adventure.

OUT: Do you have a memorable running experience/story to share with us? (or your biggest achievement)

Every run, for me, is a memorable experience in itself, especially in trail and sky running. These past few years have been incredibly rich with beautiful moments, each race bringing its own unique set of joys and challenges. For me, every finish line crossed is a personal achievement.

OUT: How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

While I rarely struggle with motivation, I do find it challenging to muster the enthusiasm for running in very cold weather. However, the key for me is recognizing the importance of consistency in my training.

OUT: What are your top three "little things" that you do to prevent injury?


- Strength training

- Prioritizing rest

OUT: If you could give a single piece of advice to less experienced trail runners what would it be?

Trail running, like any beginning, can be challenging, but staying consistent is key. Don't be discouraged by the initial difficulties; instead, focus on progress and the joy of the experience.

Vera Urdarevska @World Skyrunning Champs 2022

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