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OUT 2024 #Runnersstories Zlatko Nikolov - Macedonia

Next up in our #RunnersStories we are chatting with the short distance specialist who comes from Kochani - Zlatko Nikolov. His great progress and the many podiums in the last years are our motive to invite him to this short interview and to be part of the favorite runners on OUT2024 - this time on Samotska 40K.

OUT: Please introduce yourself to our followers.

Hello everyone, my name is Zlatko Nikolov, I'm 35 years old and I come from Kocani Macedonia.

OUT: How long have you been running/trail running? (why do you run)

I started actively doing trail running in 2018 until today. Short distances up to 30 km are my specialty.

OUT: What do you enjoy most about trail running?

In trail running, I enjoy the views and being surrounded by tall trees around me, that fulfills me the most.

OUT: Do you have a memorable running experience/story to share with us? (or your biggest achievement)

My greatest achievements are the several podiums at races in Macedonia, amongst which the first place at Ohrid Ultra-Trail - 22 km race in 2023, which is one of my favorites.

OUT: How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

When the going gets tough I tend to focus on the finish and the time that comes after the finish line.

OUT: What are your top three "little things" that you do to prevent injury? 

The best things to prevent injuries are, of course, good rest and not forcing on training.

OUT: If you could give a single piece of advice to less experienced trail runners what would it be?

The advice I can give to the less experienced is to listen to your body, that way you can always progress.


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